KDE 3.5.12 - что за зверь?

Автор: msv2 Дата: 25.09.2010 17:29 [alinux.tv]
Re: KDE 3.5.12 - что за зверь? 25.09.2010 21:53Cherepulya ну там же если ткнуть в него все написано


Welcome to Pearson Computing's fork of KDE3.5, codename Trinity!

This project aims to keep the KDE3.5 computing style alive, as well as polish off any rough edges that were present as of KDE 3.5.10. Along the way, new useful features will be added to keep the environment up-to-date.

Towards that end, significant new enhancements have already been made in areas such as display control, network connectivity, authentication, and much more!

NOTE: This project is not an official continuation of KDE3.5 by KDE e.V., which will not be creating new releases. This is an independent fork using a largely separate developer community.