Wear High Heels, Improve Sex Life

Автор: Artipal Дата: 19.11.2010 17:53 Wear High Heels, Improve Sex Life

With the improvement on our society, we have many more choices on many more things. And today we discuss women’s boots.
Women in the 21st century have more heels shoes to try on than ever before. Women can choose to wear what they want, even hybrid shoes such as “heeled” tennis shoes and flip flops. What is certain is that heels have not disappeared. Well like many women, I like high-heeled women’s 2010 new shoes too, because they make you appear more slender and taller.
Believe or not, why heels never come to an end is because sexy shoes may improve a woman's sex life. A new study has found — but not in the way you might imagine. Noted for its unique classes, Crunch, a nationwide gym, even offers a 45-minute Stiletto Strength classes that strengthen women’s legs and calves.
Allow me to have a bold guess. Perhaps influenced in part by successful TV and film hits as Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada, some women are even going under the knife to shorten their toes or inject padding into the balls of their feet to allow their feet to fit more comfortably into a pair of women's shoes, so that they gesture beautifully. That may be how the heels act magic!
Dr. Maria Angela Cerruto, an urologist at the University of Verona in Italy, found that the tippy-toe posture of fashion boots can tone a woman's abdomen and pelvic floor. If true, not only will a nice high-heeled shoe attract the man, it may keep him, too. Yes, women will do anything to arouse men in their heels and men will fall for it.
Based on all these researches and studies, women do enjoy themselves wearing sexy shoes because in that way they can make a seduction. Men do love watching women in heels because in that way they fulfill themselves on their sex life—the most important thing in a man’s life maybe.
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