Comfortable Heels Women Shoes-Beauty & Healthy are not Conflict

Автор: Artipal Дата: 19.11.2010 17:53 Comfortable Heels Women Shoes-Beauty & Healthy are not Conflict

Most man love to see women in heels shoes because in their eyes women in heels shoes are very sexy and attractive. And thatЃfs one of the important reasons why women love to wear heels shoes very much even though sometimes it makes intolerable painful to their feet. So, own a pair of sexy beautiful and as well as comfortable heels shoes is a sweet dream for the ladies who love to wear pumps.
If you often shopping online that mean you are quite familiar with shopping online, so you will get a good way to find the comfortable heels shoes. Purchasing the sexy shoes online is so much benefit that you can find not only a huge selection styles, but also can find the most comfortable womenЃfs heels shoes on the market. This article will tell you how to choose a pair of comfortable heels shoes on the internet; it may be helpful to you.
1. Think about the heel height of your heels shoes that you plan to utilize with your fantasy outfit.
2. Walk to a Nine West, Louboutin (If funds are available) or DSW (more options) to view the heels of your choice.
3. Choose the womenЃfs shoes that you plan to woo your friends, colleagues, sweetheart or just plain people who pass by.
4. Pick the shoe up and place your index finger in the area of the toe box. It doesn't matter the heel height. If it hurts when you press down, most likely you will be pain within the 5-10 minutes span of placing these beauties on your feet.
5. If it doesn't hurt, place your thumb on the sole of your heels shoe, while your finger is in the toe box area. If there is no feeling of a squish-or padding. You will be walking on the pavement barefoot.
6ЃDEnjoy--dance the night way--- make the sidewalk your runway and keep your feet feeling good and heels taking on the likes of flat sandals.
Ok, now you can follow the ways above to choose a pair of beautiful, sexy and also very comfortable heels shoes for yourself or your girl friend. There are so many styles of women's shoes, womenЃfs boots at our online store and most of these shoes are the most popular styles of 2010 new sexy shoes trends. So come on ladies, choose a pair of sexy shoes with comfortable feels right now!