Excellent Lie in the Fairway

Автор: Prande99 Дата: 09.09.2010 04:49 Excellent Lie in the Fairway

With an excellent lie in the fairway, search at the pretty bottom center of the ball, somewhere it meets the ground. ping rapture v2 irons Whenever you want to strike a draw, glimpse to strike the reduce inside half of the ball. For a fade, seem at the reduce beyond the ball. ping rapture irons These are the points of contact that instinctively create the swing path for the trip pattern you're seeking. ping v2 irons If you ever mean to strike the outside portion of the ball, you'll swing the club slightly outside to in to create that contact. ping rapture v2 To take this idea a step further, if the ball is sitting in deep grass, visualize the club hitting a half inch or so behind the ball. Essentially, it becomes an explosion shot by a sand bunker. Indeed, the same technique applies to sand bunker shots ishiner.