Сервер VNC, не грузится до ввода логина и пароля, как быть?

Автор: Jaguar_ti Дата: 01.05.2006 17:16 Енто оч неудобно, получается удаленно нельзя перазагрузить машину, а потом вновь подключиться по vpn, приходитс идти к серверу и вводить логин и пароль...
Re: Сервер VNC, не грузится до ввода логина и пароля, как быть? 01.05.2006 18:28lystor Грузится автоматом при старте системы.

/sbin/chkconfig --list | grep vncserver


Re: Сервер VNC, не грузится до ввода логина и пароля, как быть? 01.05.2006 22:35dsn мне тут недавно линк давали, найти не могу, вот что у меня сохранилось

In VNC version 4, the VNC server functionality has been split cleanly from the X server, allowing the Xvnc server to be built on almost any platform on which an X server will build.
This also makes it possible to remote the native X server (i.e. the ":0" X display). There are three ways this can be done. For XFree86 version 4 X servers, a loadable module is provided which adds the VNC server functionality. For other X servers it is possible to build a replacement for the native X server binary which is VNC-enabled. A third way is an inefficient but non-invasive VNC server called x0vncserver, which continuously polls any X display, allowing it to be controlled via VNC.

If your native X server is an XFree86 version 4 server, then the vnc.so module should be copied to the /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions directory. It can be enabled like any other module by adding a Load "vnc" line to the Module section of XF86Config as shown below:

Section "Module"
Load "vnc"

The parameters listed in the Xvnc manual page can be set as options in XF86Config. Note that options cannot be set in the Module section of XF86Config—try the Screen section. Most VNC parameters are optional, but you will need to set either the PasswordFile or SecurityTypes options, as follows:
Disable authentication

If your VNC server is running in a secure environment, and you do not want to control access to it, you can disable authentication with the following configuration:
Section "Screen"
Option "SecurityTypes" "None"

Enable VNC authentication

To enable VNC authentication, you will need to set a VNC password using the vncpasswd program:
# vncpasswd

You will also need to tell the VNC module where the password is stored:
Section "Screen"
Option "SecurityTypes" "VncAuth"
Option "UserPasswdVerifier" "VncAuth"
Option "PasswordFile" "/root/.vnc/passwd"

С авторизацией не разобрался, а вот без пароля работает отлично
достаточно добавить пару строк в /etc/X11/xorg.conf точно не помню.

Load "vnc"
Option "SecurityTypes" "None"