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Автор: lorryone Дата: 26.11.2010 06:36 The iPad's larger screen makes typing on its on-screen virtual keyboard easier than typing on the iPhone . However, most heavy typists will attest that typing on the iPad will never be as fast as typing on a physical keyboard. The iPad does have Bluetooth keyboard support, which helps increase typing speeds when writing longer documents or emails. Then I will tell you how to connect bluetooth keyboard with ipad.

Turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and make it discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.

Step 2
Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPad to open the Settings menu.

Step 3
Select the "General" tab, then tap the "Bluetooth" option.

Step 4
Press the "Off" button under the Bluetooth heading to turn on the iPad's Bluetooth radio. The iPad will now search for and list devices it can connect with.

Step 5
Tap the name of your Bluetooth keyboard when it shows up on your iPad. A PIN number will be shown on the iPad. Type this number on your Bluetooth keyboard and press "Enter." The iPad and keyboard will now be paired.

Step 6
Open an iPad application you can type in, such as Notes or Pages. You should be able to type with the Bluetooth keyboard.

Article Summary: In the final analysis, the bluetooth keyboard can help you send documents and emails more quickly, and those instructions will help you connect bluetooth keyboard with your ipad.